Here is the latest communication from Loudoun Water with the most recent well testing results attached:
Raspberry Well Extra Testing nov 6 2008.xls

Good Morning Raspberry Residents,

Hope this finds you well. Thanks for a great meeting last week. A summary of the meeting with all the handouts was mailed in the snail mail to all residents last Friday.  I am currently working on loading all the Q and As to the Raspberry page of our website ( I should have that done in a couple of days. In the meantime, here is your biweekly Water System Update.

Our next MPA data collection is not scheduled until December, however, we took bacti samples of the two production wells this week in the hopes that we could try to do the bacteriological source tracking (to identify the source of the e. coli). Bacti results were low for both wells. We will report source tracking analysis results to you when we have them.


The bacti samples we collected this week will also be sent to a membrane manufacturer to confirm the design assumptions for the plant.

DRILL A NEW WELL (map of sites at

  • Drilling last week occurred at sites A, C, and E-Alt.
  • Site A (off of fairway 1) was highly weathered rock and completely inappropriate for a well site. It will be abandoned.
  • Site E-Alt (near 18th tee) was almost completely dry down to 600′, when it was terminated. It will also be abandoned.
  • Site C (near tennis courts) has some potential.
  • Our consultant recommends not proceeding with the D site (between Fairway 2 and Hunter Pl).
  • They recommend proceeding with B, and a new site F, which we will learn more about soon.
  • Furthermore, they recommend we look in more detail at the golf well (RASP-3).

Therefore, the path forward will likely be to further investigate RASP-C and RASP-3 before proceeding on RASP-B and RASP-F.

You’ll find in the meeting summary we mailed to you, that water demand in Raspberry was a large part of our discussion and that moving forward, Loudoun Water will be getting more targeted in our approach. Our immediate plan is to reach out to the top quartile users with an offer of some personalized assistance. If you are in that top quartile, I will be in touch soon. We’ll keep the whole community posted on our efforts with the top quartile and our plans for next spring/summer.

Until next time,

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