Loudoun Water distributed a letter dated May 5th to all residents using community wells. Ongoing testing is being performed to ensure that the water being distributed meets quality standards. Loudoun Water has ceased pumping from one of two wells serving the community because of higher than normal levels of bacteria. The letter states that at no time were residents exposed to contaminated water. The well head that was shut down is located near the golf course maintenance facility. Loudoun Water is coordinating efforts with the
Virginia Department of Health to resolve the issue.

This condition places a voluntary restriction on lawn watering because of the diminished supply. More importantly, residents with private wells (primarily section B of the development) are advised to seriously consider having your well water tested since we may be drawing water from the same underground source. The County will test your water for a fee of $110 according to their Website at Onsite Water and Sewer FAQ.

Loudoun Water is holding a community meeting on May 21st at the Lucketts Community Center from 7:00 to 8:00 pm to present further information and answer questions.

Letter to Loudoun Water  (pdf) about community wells