Raspberry Falls HOA
Good Evening, Residents.
A number of documents have been updated on our website for community review including:
* April 3, 2017 BOD Meeting Minutes

* April 2017 Financial Statement

* Selma Raspberry April Construction Map

Also, at the May 9 Board of Directors meeting, Sherriff Mathew Moats shared several key updates with the community including:

  • Do not ever hesitate to contact our local Sheriff’s Office. Many small crimes go unreported because residents don’t want to burden police with their smaller issues; he encouraged us to always error on the side of caution and reach out via the non-emergency line (703) 777-1021.
  • The Traffic Complaint Form can be used to notify police of traffic complaints/concerns.
  • The Incident Report Form  can also be used for myriad reasons and submitted online.
  • As summer approaches, Sheriff Moats recommended keeping your car doors locked at all times as vehicle break-ins/vandalism is the most frequent crime issue in Loudoun- especially during the summer months.
  • While the Board of Directors is looking into trespassing signs and lighting to prevent vandalism in our common areas (pool and tennis courts), the Sheriff’s department also offered to do more frequent neighborhood patrols during the last day of school/early days of summer when we’ve typically seen a spike in vandalism.

Thank you,
Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors