Raspberry Falls HOA
On Friday, the Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors delivered documents to you on two important topics. The first set of documents includes traffic calming measures VDOT has proposed to help reduce speeding in our neighborhood. To enact these measures, 75% of impacted homeowners must APPROVE the proposal before or at our next regularly scheduled Board meeting, to be held on July 11, 2017.
We also included a summary of the latest Kimley Horn report on Route 15 issues. As a reminder, Board of Supervisors member Geary Higgins is hosting two public stakeholder meetings on Rt. 15 on June 26 and July 8 at the Lucketts Community Center.
Attached, please find a copy of the VDOT Memo and Rt 15 Summary. To view the current and proposed VDOT signange, as well as the VDOT Traffic Calming Study, please visit our Raspberry Falls Residents Facebook page (files too large to attach to email.) We are very interested in receiving your feedback on both items before our next board meeting on July 11.
We urge community members who are impacted by the traffic calming measures inside Raspberry Falls to VOTE for the items suggested by Loudoun County and VDOT in a referendum; ballots should be returned to John Suttle on or before July 11, 2017. These measures will be incorporated into the repaving project VDOT plans to conduct on Raspberry Drive during July. Note- VDOT contractor trucks are already inside the neighborhood, getting ready to start their work. Additional traffic calming measures for Levade, Briarberry, Fox Chase and Dressage have not been finalized by VDOT. The HOA Board will continue to work with both VDOT and the Sheriff’s Office to address speed concerns in this section of the neighborhood.
We recommend that community members who are interested in the future of Rt. 15 traffic attend one of the stakeholder meetings on either June 26 or July 8 to ask questions and share your concerns with our Board of Supervisors.
The Raspberry Falls Board of Directors
*Please ensure your mailer includes two pages (cover letter and ballot) for the VDOT traffic calming issue and two pages (4 sides) for the Route 15 issue. The VDOT ballot should be mailed/returned to HOA Director John Suttle; feedback on the Route 15 document should be sent to the HOA Board at raspberry.hoa.board@gmail.com.

We will post/email the current and proposed VDOT signage to the HOA website on Sunday, June 25.