The new Loudoun County Board of Supervisors was sworn in earlier this year, which includes four new members and five returning members. That’s a lot of new faces on the board, and some have expressed a desire to “re-examine” the Route 15 issue, which could cause delays to the current project. In effort to ensure that the new Loudoun Board of Supervisors does not drop the ball on fixing the safety and congestion issues on Route 15, and to remind them of the overwhelming community support for this project, Dave Goodrum, the RF HOA Board’s Rt. 15 Liaison, will speak on Tuesday, Jan 21st, at the Board’s business meeting sometime between 5-6pm. He has only a 2 ½ minute slot, and Route 15 is NOT an agenda item. But, we want the new Board to have Route 15 top of mind from Day One and ensure they know where we stand. There will also be a representative from Selma speaking right after David speaks.

If you are not aware, there is a funded project to widen Route 15 to four lanes (two south and two north) all the way out to Montressor. It will also include a median and side shoulders for emergency pull offs and other safety features. The board also passed a resolution in 2019 approving further four laning and a bypass around Lucketts. This continued four laning will provide much need congestion relief along the corridor, and the median and shoulders would provide additional safety along the troubled road. We are not asking the community to show up at this time to provide support, since Route 15 is not a current agenda item and there are no decision points to be made currently. This is just an open forum public input slot. However, if you would like to show up, please wear RED as a show of solidarity and support. Have you have questions about the Route 15 project, David is happy to talk to community members privately or in a group setting.

RF HOA Board of Directors