Dear Homeowners and Residents,

The RF HOA Board of Directors held a special meeting the evening of Monday, June 8.  Topics discussed included the prospect of opening the community pool this summer, as well as the status of HOA Facebook Page. 

Pool Opening Discussion
The Board was briefed by Jennifer of Continental Pools, our pool management company, on the Virginia Governor's and CDC’s guidelines for Phase I and Phase II reopening. We remain in Phase I in Northern VIrginia, with a Phase II opening expected within a few weeks. 

Jennifer clarified the significant rules and restrictions associated with adhering to social distancing, disinfection and other requirements.  She also explained the challenges with obtaining and training lifeguards under the guidelines. Based on these rules and requirements and uncertainty about what future phases of re-opening might look like, Jennifer recommended that it is not practical to open the pool this summer and that Continental would refund unused portions of our contract. After discussing what options we may have, the Board voted to not open the pool this summer. The Board deeply regrets the need for this decision, but it was made in the interest of community safety.

Discussion on Official Raspberry Falls HOA Facebook Page
The Board also discussed whether the newly-established HOA page should continue to be maintained. The first points of discussion focused on the overall purpose of the page, and the possibility of resident confusion between this newly established page and the existing Raspberry Falls Residents page.

In addition, our property manager, Byron McCauley of Cardinal Management, explained that social media is not a best practice for communications between the Board and the community.  He instead recommended that residents communicate via email with him at  or Susan Jacks, the HOA Board Secretary, at  with any questions or concerns.

Based on this discussion, the Board voted 4 to 1 to discontinue the Official Raspberry Falls HOA page effective immediately and that the Board will communicate with residents by email only and not via any social media platform. The Raspberry Falls Residents page, which is not administered by the Board, will not be affected by this change.
Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors