Raspberry Falls HOA Dear Homeowners and Residents,
The HOA Board is responsible for the safety of our community. While we recognize that there is great interest in having food trucks in the neighborhood during the quarantine, having them in common areas maintained by the HOA currently requires Board approval. The Board intended to have a special meeting this week to discuss this and obtain an opinion from our attorney, but because of the health emergency and the Governor’s stay at home order, we will be taking this up at our May meeting. As a possible solution, we asked the golf club for permission to use their parking lot which they did not agree to. Since food trucks were not brought to the Board’s attention through the appropriate channels prior to usage of the common area and with the new stay at home order, we cannot allow food trucks on HOA property at this time. However, individual property owners are welcome to host food vendors on their property.
Sincerely, _Michelle Suttle_ President Raspberry Falls Homeowners Association