Dear Homeowners and Residents,

The following is an update regarding the cleanup from the storm we had several weeks ago.  As we all know, the damage to Raspberry from the storm was extensive.  We realize the amount of time it has taken to begin cleanup has been frustrating to everyone, including the Board.

The reason for the delay is that the Board learned that before we could pursue any cleanup on our end, we needed to wait for VDOT to complete their assessment of needed storm drain repairs.  Since VDOT has the responsibility to clear the storm drains and any damage to them, the work they do in this regard could potentially save us thousands of dollars.   We have been in constant touch with VDOT, imploring them to get us on their schedule.  The good news is that as of now, we have a tentative date of next Thursday, September 10.  After they have done their cleanup, we will know what cleanup is our responsibility and the expense that will be incurred.

Thank you for your patience and the Board will keep you informed.

Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors