Dear Raspberry Falls HOA Neighbors:
At our recent Board meeting it has come to our attention that many members of the community may be having issues with their trash and recycling cans. Such issues may include requests for cans that have not yet been delivered by our contractor and/or cans that are broken or otherwise non-functional. And/or you may have other general questions/concerns regarding trash/recycling.
We are working with our management company to ensure we collect all such issues community-wide so we can notify the trash and recycling contractor at one time.
Please email Byron McCauley of our management company (Cardinal Management Group) at: by March 30 if you require assistance with your trash/recycling cans or have any other trash/recycling concerns.
Also, on this topic, we also request that on particularly windy days, you take steps to secure your trash cans and other materials so they don’t leave your property unintentionally. Thanks for your assistance to this matter as well.