Raspberry Falls HOA
The Raspberry Falls Board of Directors would like to update the neighborhood on two important traffic matters discussed at our most recent Board meeting on Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

Based on a request made by the office of Geary Higgins, the Board of Directors formally AGREED to appoint the following homeowners to serve as RT 15 Stakeholders on behalf of the neighborhood over the next year:
* John Suttle (Hunter Place) * Heather Neimiec (Limestone) * Dave Goodrum, alternate (Levade)
In addition, the board received guidance from our HOA attorney during Tuesday evening’s meeting that the neighborhood indeed has the legal right to form a formal opinion about RT 15 proposed enhancements with respect to the entrance of our neighborhood. Three proposals were presented at public stakeholder meetings (June 26, July 8, and July 15) and a survey is available online at  [editor:  link no longer active]

The board hasn’t officially decided on its opinion for the entrance and encourages all homeowners to take this survey.
The board will be working with the owners/management of Raspberry Falls Golf Course, Rose Hill Manor, and Raspberry Plain, to conduct an internal stakeholder meeting with respect to the entrance of our community. We expect this special meeting will take place within the next few weeks (in July or August) within the community of Raspberry Falls before the next board of directors meeting scheduled for September. We would like to ensure our neighborhood is fully engaged and educated with respect to RT 15 proposals that impact our community so we can formally provide our appointed RT 15 stakeholder team with guidance as they work with other communities and stakeholders along the RT 15 North corridor to address traffic congestion and safety.

As of Tuesday, July 11, the HOA board received 86 ballots back from impacted homeowners regarding the traffic calming measures proposed for Raspberry Drive by VDOT and Loudoun County.
* 69 of voters (80%) AGREED with Phase 1 measures. * 17 of voters (20%) OPPOSED the Phase 1 measures.
Because VDOT and Loudoun County must have 75% of the impacted homeowners’ ink signatures to go forward with traffic calming measures they proposed to the HOA Board, our neighborhood hasn’t successfully collected enough signatures for these measures to go forward. However, on Tuesday evening, the board unanimously AGREED the measures would benefit the neighborhood from a safety and aesthetic standpoint and AGREED we would like to attempt to gain the requisite number of ink signatures for the proposed measures to go forward. We will re-attempt to collect 113 signatures to support the Phase 1 measures on or before the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting this September.
Note – the board received questions from homeowners with respect to the all-way traffic stop at Cranberry and Raspberry Drive, as well as the raised cart paths proposed along Raspberry Drive.
* The board is advocating the all-way traffic stop remains intact and is waiting for VDOT to confirm this matter.
* We confirmed the raised cart paths will look like the crosswalk in the Town of Leesburg on King Street between the Oyster Bar and Wine Kitchen.
* The material for the Town of Leesburg’s path is brick pavers; the proposed cart paths in Raspberry Falls will be asphalt. * The “Traffic Calming Guide for Local Residential Streets” provided by VDOT will be posted to our HOA webpage. On page 25, the cart path is illustrated.
If you have any comments or questions regarding these traffic topics, please send us an email at raspberry.hoa.board@gmail.com.
Thank you,
The Raspberry Falls Board of Directors