Dear Homeowners and Residents,

Bishop’s Tennis, Inc. has informed us that work on the tennis court resurfacing will commence on Friday, August 14, and should require 10 to 14 working days to complete. 

Weather could certainly be a determining factor in the timely completion of the overall project but we now anticipate the courts being closed from August 14 through August 28.  In addition to this notice, we will have signage up on the court fencing to indicate work in progress during the construction time.  Any further updates or announcements regarding Bishop’s timeline will be promptly released if delays should occur.

Upon completion, we are excited about the prospect of our neighborhood tennis community and their guests having an updated, safe and vibrant playing surface that esthetically and functionally parallels the quality standards and expectations we as residents have for all shared amenities.  We are confident that players of all ages and abilities in Raspberry Falls will enjoy a durable and highly efficient playing surface for years to come.

Thanks to all of our residents for your help and support in making this happen for our great community.

Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors