As reported by the Dulles Area Association Of Realtors (DAAR):

On Wednesday, February 17th, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to impose the Limestone Overlay District which alters the way property owners use their land on over 14,000 areas north and south of Leesburg.  The LOD regulations apply to all land development applications and those property owners who disturb land within the district.

The regulations would establish setbacks around the karst and sensitive environmental features, restrict uses within such setbacks, require a geophysical study of a site prior to undertaking land development or land disturbance, establish standards for such geophysical studies, require communal well and sewage disposal systems for developments of fifteen or more lots, increase the hydrogeologic study requirements for communal systems, prohibit certain uses in the district, including irrigation systems and establish a requirement to provide notice in all deeds, site plans, and record subdivisions for properties subject to the LOD.

DAAR is exploring opportunities to help mitigate the regulation’s impact on property owners.  For more information, contact Christine Windle, Director of Government Affairs and Communications, 703/579-0304.