Raspberry Falls HOA
We have some FUN ACTIVITIES this week to share with Raspberry Falls families…
* The Leesburg Fire Department will be in the neighborhood on Friday, June 9, for a “Last Day of School Splashdown” at the corner of Briarberry and Levade, at @ 2:30 pm and will splash down ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS as they exit off the bus. If you would like to go to that stop to take pictures, please reach out to Rhonda Holloway, a neighbor on Briarberry, at 865-771-9905 [1]. * The HOA Social Committee will be serving ICE CREAM at the Raspberry Falls pool on Saturday, June 10, from 2-4 pm.
* Friday, June 9, is the last day of school for Loudoun County Public Schools, for the 2016-2017 school year! Congratulations to the graduates of 2017! * We have requested Loudoun County Police Dept. help us keep an eye on our neighborhood with extra patrols this weekend as this we saw an increase in minor incidents during this time last year. * PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL OF KIDS WALKING/RIDING BIKES IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD NOW THAT SUMMER IS IN FULL SWING. Please talk with drivers of all ages in your home to impress the importantce of driver safety as summer can be a dangerous time with the increase of drivers on the road.
The Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors
Links: —— [1] tel:(865)%20771-9905