Raspberry Falls HOA Residents,
Here is a brief summary of the vote taken at the Feb. 14 Loudoun Board of Supervisors public hearing regarding an amendment to the Loudoun County Comprehensive Transportation Plan that would allow widening of Route 15 from North King Street to Montresor Road.
The board voted unanimously to bring the amendment to an official vote at the March 6 Board of Supervisors Business Meeting, with the majority of supervisors expressing strong support for the measure. This is consistent with normal order for the board when considering most issues. The board would have had to suspend the rules to put the amendment to a vote during the Feb. 14 public meeting. According to board rules, normal order may be suspended only if an issue will be resolved by a unanimous vote and if there is no public objection during the meeting. As this is a highly contentious topic, there were strong opinions expressed by citizens on both sides of the issue.
Many Raspberry Falls Residents attended the meeting and several spoke during the public comment period. Anti-growth, special interest groups in opposition to widening safety measures were well represented and included speakers from the Catoctin Coalition, Piedmont Environmental Council and Journey Through Hallowed Ground. The public comment period was followed by board discussion, kicked off by our representative, Supervisor Geary Higgins, Catoctin District, who (along with Supervisor Kristin Umstattd, Leesburg District) has lead the widening safety initiative. Supervisors Ralph Buona, Ashburn District; Ron Myer, Broad Run District; Matthew Letourneau, Dulles District and Phyllis Randall, Chair were also strong, vocal supporters of the amendment.
The Board of Supervisors Public Meeting video may be viewed here. The portion of the meeting addressing the amendment starts at: 2:26:00.
To be clear, a vote of “Yes” on the Amendment serves neither as a commitment that Route 15 will be widened, nor does it commit to any specific plan to do so. It simply provides the ability to move forward with any future plan that may be agreed to. Without this amendment, the Loudoun County Comprehensive Transportation Plan will not allow Route 15 to be widened in this section.
For those residents who have strong opinions one way or another, this would be a terrific time to write the Board directly with your sentiments. You may contact the Board at bos@loudoun.gov, or you may write individual Supervisors directly via the information provided at this link .
In addition, a Route 15 Stakeholders Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 28, from 6:00-8:30 p.m. in the Dulles Room of the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison Street, S.E. in Leesburg.
We will keep you posted on the results of the March 6 meeting – please stay tuned!
–Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors