Raspberry Falls HOA Route 15: Online ACTION required for public poll.
The widening to Montressor has been approved and funded. But what about north of Montressor? The county is seeking input from the community as to what they would like to see north of Montressor. There have been three proposed designs. 1) No build) 2) Concept A 3) Concept B.
No build is basically, do nothing. This is a bad idea. The studies have shown that traffic northbound backs up beyond White’s Ferry Rd by 2040 given normal growth after the widening to Montressor is completed.
It has been determined you cannot four-lane through the town of Lucketts, nor put a traffic circle at that location. Therefore the other options both include a bypass around Lucketts.
Concept A is a bypass around Lucketts with no additional four laning beyond Montressor.
Concept B is a bypass around Lucketts with four lane up to the bypass, and then reduce to two lanes somewhere around the bypass. Concept B is probably to determine how much stomach the public has for more four laning. The actual extent of the four-laning may be determine later after this poll.
Please take the time to vote. The poll closes October 14th.
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