Raspberry Falls HOA It’s been a while since we’ve asked the community to spend their Thursday night

Raspberry Falls HOA It’s been a while since we’ve asked the community to spend their Thursday night at a Loudoun Board of Supervisors meeting. 🙂 But, we need to ask for your support again this Thursday evening.
This Thursday, the Loudoun Board of Supervisors will be having their monthly business meeting. The important stuff starts at 6:30pm [3]. Item 7 on the Action Items is the Congestion Report Improvements for Route 15 [4]. County staff will officially be making their recommendation to the board on what to do about Route 15 with actual specifics. They will officially recommend widening and dividing Route 15 out to Montressor.
You probably have all gotten something in the mail from the Lucketts Community Special Edition, advocating for Option C, which is to NOT widen to four lanes and look for an alternative. There is a small but very focused and vocal contingent that will be there to show support for NOT widening, and continuing to study and find another way to fix the congestion. The actual protest information is being presented to the board. You can see it here (PDF)
At the end of that document is the appeal from the “no growthers” to not widen and just do single lane roundabouts everywhere, claiming this will fix the problems. This will not fix the traffic issues. This will not fix the safety issues. The county and VDOT have already identified that this will not work. The county is against the idea of not widening, but they are apparently obligated to present this to the board.
What can you do?

    1. Come to the meeting. Dave Goodrum, our HOA rep for Rt 15, will not be there as he will be away on business travel. If you can attend, wear RED, showing your support and solidarity. Sign up to speak if you feel comfortable doing so. Again, it’s important to not talk about roundabouts vs lights. Neither makes a difference if the county listens to the objectors and chooses to not widen. And yes, even though they have the funding, this is still an option to not widen with enough public protest. Public input is slated to start at 6:30pm. If you show up on time, you can sign up on site, or you can call 703-777-0200 to request to speak. If you do request to speak, please comment on this notice what number you are in the queue to speak.
    2.  Write an email to the board showing your support for widening. Again, don’t get into specifics. Stay focused on the issue at hand: “widening and dividing is the only solution that will move traffic and save lives in that section of road.” Feel free to add personal stories about seeing people pass dangerously, bad accidents, personal distress, etc. Their emails are below.
    3. Share this information and make sure everybody sees it. If you have neighbors not on Facebook or the Raspberry Falls mailing list, forward to them in email and tell them to get on FB, even if it’s just to get these updates in their inbox. They don’t have to add any friends, just join our group and subscribe to updates.

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