Raspberry Falls HOA And just when you think we are done, there’s yet another wall to climb. Please take the time to “heart” the Route 15 projects in the latest poll from Loudoun County (link below). There are two projects on this list. One is the widening to Montressor. Please give it a big heart, and if you’d like, put in a comment. It reinforces what we’ve already been fighting for. But, the second project is the area NORTH of Montressor up to Point of Rocks. PLEASE leave a comment on that project that you’d like to see continued research into this section of road. Specifically, several of us on the Rte 15 stakeholder committee are supporting a bypass around Lucketts to remove the light there as a bottleneck, and to make downtown Lucketts a safer place for shopping and the schools up there. If you like that idea, maybe drop a comment that you’d like to explore it as a possibility.
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