Attached is the letter Raspberry Falls HOA presented to Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and Loudoun Water. We also provided a consolidated timeline which consists of our perspective of events which have occurred from 2002 thru 2014. Please feel free to use this information as a template should you chose to call or write Loudoun Water or the Board of Supervisors asking for their support.

History of Raspberry Falls Community-ATTACHMENT final-1.pdf

Update 12/15/2014:

Congratulations!  Despite Loudoun Water having a public meeting at 3 in the afternoon during the holidays.  Raspberry Falls residents and Selma Estate residents showed up in full force to stand united and request Loudoun Water to adopt a unified rate structure though out the county and for Loudoun Water to absorb the cost of any long-term water solution for Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates.

A very large group of Residents from Selma and Raspberry Falls attended the Loudoun Water Financial Public Meeting on Thursday December 11, at 3pm to formally express their concern over the  proposed cost of a membrane treatment plant to be paid for solely by the residents of Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates.

Additionally residents requested Loudoun Water to combine/consolidate all of their community system customers into their Central Water System creating “one group of customers”. This change would spread the costs of all Loudoun Water owned and operated water and sewer systems across their entire base of 70,000+ customers versus their current practice of excluding the “developer initiated community systems”.  The cost estimates to make this change would have very little impact on their central customer base.

Residents expressed concerns that the current billing and rate setting practice is punitive, does not provide the same economies of scale and opens the communities up to risk of high capital costs.

Loudoun Water said the attendance at this meeting was the largest group of people that they have ever had at a board meeting. We are hoping to get a message out to our community in order to maintain the pressure on Loudoun Water. There will be the need for resident participation in future Loudoun Water meetings. Selma Estates is very well organized and this combined call to action seems to be very effective.

Residents remain concerned that Loudoun Water has expressed in their meeting that the Residents of Raspberry Falls and Selma could be solely responsible for the cost of the proposed membrane treatment plant. Residents that attended theOct 28th Loudoun Water meeting said Loudoun Water has listed a 9.2 million estimate.

The Raspberry Falls HOA is committed to working with the residents of Raspberry Falls, Selma, Louduon Water and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to ensure a quick and equitable resolution to our water concerns.  We will keep Raspberry Falls homeowners updated regarding all future meetings to make certain there is as much community participation as possible.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Raspberry Falls HOA or directly to

Happy Holidays!

Holly Krauss