Dear Neighbors,

During the second quarter, your Board continues to work diligently on our 2014 top priorities. We have made positive progress and even added to our list of items we want to accomplish this year.

Some of the 2Q highlights include:

  • The announcement of our new management company, Cardinal Management, was completed and effective May 1st. While there are still some transitional activities and details occurring in the background, we are extremely pleased how smooth the transition has been thus far. Our new manager, Brian Cramp, has already made a very positive impact to our community. We thank you Brian for your hard work, hands-on approach and being so readily accessible to always help!

For Management Inquiries:
Brian Cramp

For Accounting Inquiries:
Stacy Bond

  • The new street pole and signage project encountered some delays with the County approvals. We are now on track to have the installation completed in July. The new community signs are being installed with two of the four completed and the street signs will follow shortly thereafter. The initial new street sign installation will keep the blue street signs, until the County approves black and white street signs per our original design.
  • With our new landscape architect, design and installation firm on-board, Wildwood Landscape, we have completed the installation of our Phase 1 bed restorations focused on the beds that have irrigation, Wildwood will continue to work on designs for Phase 2, evolving us toward the community’s master landscape plan and setting the stage for additional, new plantings in the Fall season. We also completed several irrigation system repairs and engaged Wildwood’s partner, HydroTech Irrigation, to support and maintain our irrigation system. Having the landscape and irrigation teams closely tied together will help ensure the plantings in the beds receive the appropriate watering regiment and coverage. The Board recently approved a significant tree care program from Wildwood’s partner and certified arborist, Arbor Artist, to treat and trim our tree canopy. The front entrance cast stone signage is also being cleaned with the letters and logo repainted. A special thanks to the Cindy Klebonis and Landscape Committee members Sheila LaFalce and Kathy Haberman for all their efforts with the new landscape initiatives.
  • Thank you to all Raspberry Falls homeowners who completed the maintenance repairs by April 30th as requested and in response to the letters received from Community Inspection Services (CIS). CIS completed their follow-up inspection in May resulting in a successful 58% completion rate. CIS recently sent second notices to homeowners for the remaining 42% or 109 items to be repaired, providing an additional 30 days for homeowners to complete their respective repairs. We sincerely do appreciate your cooperation, support and understanding in addressing these remaining items. Please note that if you did not receive a second notice in the mail from CIS, this will mean you have completed all maintenance repair items as previously requested in the Phase 1 first maintenance inspection letters from CIS. Phase II Covenant Inspections are expected to commence this summer or early Fall upon further review by the Board.
  • Pool Opening and Summer Kick-Off Party. Thank you Brian Cramp and Continental Pools for a smooth and timely opening of the pool facilities. The Summer Kick-Off Party was a huge success and special thanks to Heather Niemiec for making it happen!
  • There are a myriad of issues with VDOT regarding our roads and gravel shoulder maintenance. Most recently, VDOT’s contractor placed heavy paving equipment at the Raspberry Falls entrance causing damage to the turf. The Board is working with VDOT and the subcontractor to have this repaired at their expense. We also met with VDOT on-site to discuss the condition of the VDOT-maintained gravel shoulders, the front entrance and the traffic camera equipment. We expect and hope VDOT will have their temporary traffic camera equipment removed very soon.
  • Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Project. A committee consisting the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, National Park Services, VDOT and Loudoun County PRCS are exploring options for a trail to connect White Ferry’s Road and the Town of Leesburg. One of many options includes the pedestrian and bicycle friendly trail being constructed on the West side of Route 15 from White Ferry’s Road/Raspberry Drive to the entrance of Tuscarora High School where it could pick up the existing walking trail to the Town of Leesburg. The committee plans to present a proposal to the Board of Supervisors and request funding for a design and feasibility study.
  • Loudoun Water alerted residents on Friday, June 27th of a meeting to be held on Monday, June 30th at Tuscarora High School at 8:30pm. Several residents were in attendance. Loudoun Water has issued a water restriction for outdoor watering use. Please note the restriction does not affect watering supported by irrigation only wells (i.e., golf course and common area landscaping). Please contact Loudoun Water with any additional questions.
  • Gazebo Vandalism. As many residents may have noticed, the gazebo located at Raspberry and Limestone has been damaged with the wood spindles kicked in. Homeowners are asked to discuss with their children how vandalism to our community’s assets impacts all residents and the HOA’s maintenance expenses. This has been repaired several times and management will be presenting the Board with bids for repairs again.
  • Speed Limit. The speed limit in the community is 25 MPH. Please observe the speed limit and use caution while driving in the neighborhood for the safety of residents and guests. Your neighbors, children and pets are often out walking or playing. The Loudoun County Sherriff is actively patrolling and enforcing traffic laws in the community.
  • Trash and Recycling Containers. If you have an old or broken trash or recycling container, please contact our community manager Brian Cramp to have our waste management company fix or deliver a new container.
  • Help Wanted!:
    • Two positions. Looking for volunteer website guru and marketing communications specialist to lead the community’s communications committee.
    • Please contact our community manager, Brian Cramp, if you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions.

We remain focused on executing on our 2014 priorities and continue to work hard to effect positive changes for an enhanced homeowner experience. We hope everyone enjoys their summer, extended vacations and your homes in Raspberry Falls.


Ted Maschler
RF HOA President and Board of Directors