Dear Homeowners and Residents,

Over the past week, handmade, handwritten political signs have been appearing on stop signs and other common areas in the neighborhood.  These political signs include negative language regarding one political candidate.  This is a reminder that our Declaration and Guidelines prohibit this.  Specifically, Section 8.2 of the Design and Maintenance Standards reads “…no signs of any character shall be erected, posted, or displayed in a location that is visible from the Common Area or any other lot that does not comply with Design Guidelines without prior written approval of the Covenant Committee.” 

Political yard signs are permissible with the following restrictions:  “A maximum of two (2) twenty-four inch by twenty-four inch (24” x 24”) signs per front yard are allowed and may be used within forty-five (45) days of an election.  Signs must be removed immediately after the election is completed.”

It is not clear if the handmade signs are being posted by a resident or someone who does not live in the neighborhood.  Regardless, such signs send a negative message that Raspberry Falls is not a welcoming place and a neighborhood with a sense of community to those who visit, those who might be considering moving into our community and those who  live here.

Your cooperation is appreciated. 

Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors