Raspberry Falls HOA Raspberry Neighbors,
Next week, on VALENTINE’S DAY, the Loudoun Board of Supervisors will FINALLY vote on an amendment that will allow widening of Route 15 up to Montressor Rd. If this amendment does not pass, it may be many years before this opportunity comes up again. There are several groups actively trying to block or delay this amendment.
Since last summer, Raspberry Falls has been participating actively on a stakeholder’s group organized by the Board of Supervisors to provide feedback on Route 15 North, in addition to other communities along the Route 15 North corridor. Next Wednesday, February 14, we need our NEIGHBORHOOD to visibly support the widening amendment. If this amendment is not passed, it will be MANY years before anything happens.
Our Stakeholders committee has THREE REQUESTED ACTION ITEMS for the neighborhood:

  1. Show up wearing Red to show your united support for the widening amendment:
    ADDRESS: Loudoun County Government Center ~ 1 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg, VA TIME: 6 pm start time (although speakers will probably not be able to make comments until 7 pm) AGENDA ITEM: #14 PLEASE NOTE: It is common for the Board to move agenda items up when there is a large public turnout for a specific item. However, speakers will likely not start until 7pm, or even later, even if they do move it up in the agenda. The Catoctin Coalition has been campaigning strongly to block this amendment & is expected to attend in large numbers to oppose Route 15 changes. We need to be there in LARGER numbers to show support for Route 15 improvements.
  2. Sign up to speak! If you feel comfortable, prepare a 2 minute statement, stating how the traffic negatively affects your life, and your safety concerns when traveling on the northern section where there is no divider. You could address the safety in our neighborhood from cut through traffic trying to avoid the congestion. If you have kids who are going to be drivers, or children that play in front of your houses where drivers cut through, bring that up in your statement. The number to sign up to speak is 703-777-0200. If you do sign up, please let the Raspberry Board know, so that we have a tally of how many speakers we have (low or high).
  3. Email the Loudoun Board of Supervisors with a short message showing your support for the amendment. Here are your supervisors individual emails:
    Phyllis.Randall@loudoun.gov, Ralph.Buona@loudoun.gov, Suzanne.Volpe@loudoun.gov, Tony.Buffington@loudoun.gov, Ron.Meyer@loudoun.gov, Geary.Higgins@loudoun.gov, Matt.Letourneau@loudoun.gov, Kristen.Umstattd@loudoun.gov, Koran.Saines@loudoun.gov
    Or you can send an email to bos@loudoun.gov and it “should” get to all of them that way also.
    Sending an email should be IN ADDITION to showing up on Feb 14 if possible – – nothing shows true support more than being there in person. They know emails are easy. If you absolutely can’t show up, then sending an email is better than nothing! A simple subject line like “I support widening RT 15”, and then in the body simply state that you support the amendment to allow widening on Route 15, state your name and address, and thank them in advance for their efforts to make Route 15 a safer, better road. If you have a personal experience you’d like to share with them about safety or traffic or how the road negatively impacts your life, please share it in your email.
    We realize Feb 14 is Valentine’s Day. But, what better way to spend Valentine’s day than with your loved one doing something that will truly make their lives better or even save a life! That’s True Love!!!

If you would like to read the full amendment to allow widening Route 15, you can find it here.