Dear Homeowners and Residents,

Please note the following items from your RF HOA Board of Directors:

  • SWIMMING POOL UPDATE: You will be receiving a separate mailing from Cardinal Management with information on how to secure pool passes, updated rules regarding supervision of children at the pool and UPDATED pool rules. With that said, our pool cannot open as usual on Memorial Day Weekend due to COVID19 social distancing measures. The Board will closely monitor the Governor’s guidance in this regard and advise the community as to if and when we can open the pool.
  • ANNUAL MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS: Cardinal Management will also be conducting annual maintenance inspections of individual homeowners’ lots soon. In cases where there are violations noted, they will send a letter to homeowners so they may address any outstanding issues before a subsequent re-inspection is conducted. We encourage homeowners to keep up on curb appeal for everyone’s enjoyment and maintenance of our property values.
  • NEW HOA FACEBOOK PAGE: At the May 12th board meeting, the Raspberry Falls Board of Directors voted to create its own Official Raspberry Falls HOA page to communicate with homeowners and residents about Board matters. In addition, the new page will also serve as a forum for the community to raise questions with the HOA Board between meetings. David Goodrum has volunteered to take over as the moderator of the Raspberry Falls Residents page. All current members of the Residents’ page will be invited to join the HOA page. If you do not wish to join the new HOA page, please email Sherif Yacoub at or simply decline the invitation.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.
Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors