Dear Homeowners and Residents,

David Goodrum, who is our liaison to Loudoun County regarding the Rt 15 Widening Project, has some good information for us on a virtual meeting Loudoun County has called for this coming Thursday. David encourages all to participate. Below is his note to us all.

Dear Raspberry Falls Community,

This Thursday, October 29th, 6pm-7:30pm, there will be a public information meeting as well as public Q&A about the Route 15 widening project that was presented the summer.  You can find out details here: Loudoun County Rt 15 North Widening.  Some of this stuff we have already seen, but there is “some” new material including:

  • An artist rendering of what a cross section of the road will look like and more details on the Green T intersection that will be at the King Street and Route 15 interchange.  
  • A presentation of the two alternatives for the Little Springs Road Access that was discussed at the last presentation.
  • Information on the White's Ferry Shared Use Path.  Originally, we had been told that this is a separate project, but it appears to be part of the larger project now.

There are also a few environmental documents on that page as well.

Logon Information for how to join the meeting via Webex is also provided on that page as well.  There is also a spot for people to sign up.

I have seen a lot of communication from various people outside of our neighborhood that are still pushing to NOT widen the road, and to just replace our light with a roundabout.  However, the idea that simply replacing our light with a roundabout is a “cure all” for the congestion issues has been disproved repeatedly.  Widening to four lanes was the only solution that met every scenario the engineers ran.  Any additional debate on light vs roundabout will only serve to delay the project further at this point.  The result of such debate will lead to “yet another study” of Route 15, and further delays and potential loss of funding.

Having said that, I do encourage you to consider signing up for the Q&A and in the Q&A.  If you support this project  (97% of the Raspberry Falls survey respondents did), then simply say thank you for finally pushing through this widening project and then ask if there is any way to make this project go faster.  It seems like the accidents are starting to pick back up as people are going back to work more.  2024 is a LONG way off.  How many people will die before these safety measures are put in place?  If you don’t support it, you can also sign up to express your displeasure.

If you are unwilling or unable to attend and say something in the Q&A you can also “Submit a Comment”.   If you support this project, please submit a comment thanking them for doing this project and showing your support for widening.

Hope to see you all there!   Virtually!

Thank you, Dave!
Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors