Dear Raspberry Falls Residents and Neighbors,

As a follow-up to the communications in mid-March, the Board of Directors have concluded the competitive bid and vendor selection process for the HOA management services contract supporting our community.

In the best interests of Raspberry Falls and the HOA, the Board decided to move in a different direction and awarded the contract to the Cardinal Management Group effective May 1st, 2014. The transition activities are already underway with Cardinal Management working directly with First Service Residential to effect a professional, smooth and timely transition.

All homeowners will soon receive letters, coupons and additional communications from Cardinal Management to include contact information and how to pay the monthly HOA dues to Cardinal Management starting in May, 2014.

On behalf of the residents of Raspberry Falls, the Board of Directors have sincerely thanked First Service Residential for their services they have provided Raspberry Falls over the years.


Ted Maschler
President Moorlands HOA (aka, Raspberry Falls HOA)
cc: Board of Directors
cc: Cardinal Management