Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dear Raspberry Falls Homeowners,

The new Board of Directors met on Monday night (December 7, 2015) to organize and set the course and priorities for 2016.  We want to share with all homeowners the 2016 Board Meeting Schedule, our Goals, and Top Priorities for 2016.  We also want to recognize the service and accomplishments of our 2015 predecessors, Dallas Nash, Christian Hoff, Holly Krauss and Ron Sloan.

2016 Board Positions & Roles:

  • President – Chrissie Goodrum
  • Vice President – Russ Laraway
  • Secretary – Jessica LeBlanc
  • Treasurer – Cindy Klebonis

The general responsibilities of each position is outlined in the HOA’s governing documents, available electronically in the Document Library.

In addition to their formal officer titles, each Board Member will be championing specific tasks/committees as follows:

  • Architectural Covenants Committee Liaison – Chrissie Goodrum
  • Communications Director – Jessica LeBlanc
  • Landscaping Committee Chair – Cindy Klebonis
  • Legal Liaison – Cindy Klebonis
  • Management Company Liaison – Chrissie Goodrum
  • Social Activities Director – Jessica LeBlanc
  • VDOT Liaison – Russ Laraway

*If you are interested in serving as a Director for a one-year term, please send us an email at no later than Tuesday, December 15, by 5 pm EST.*

2016 Board of Director’s Meetings Schedule:

  1. Tuesday, January 12 at 7 pm – Homewood Suites, 115 Fort Evans Road, NE, Leesburg
  2. Tuesday, March 8 at 7 pm – Location TBD
  3. Tuesday, May 10 at 7 pm – Location TBD
  4. Tuesday, July 12 at 7 pm – Location TBD
  5. Tuesday, September 13 at 7 pm – Location TBD
  6. Tuesday, November 8 (includes Annual Meeting, followed by an Organizational Meeting) at 7 pm – Location TBD

All Board Meetings are expected to last no more than two hours.  The Board is considering alternative locations to Homewood Suites after the January meeting, and will advise homeowners when arrangements have been finalized.  In the event the Board is not able to meet quorum, the community will be notified as soon as possible, and an alternative date/location will be provided.

2016 Board of Director’s Leadership Goals:

  • Team Approach
  • Be a Positive Force
  • Transparency
  • Communicate with Candor and Respect

[Ask advice; give feedback]

  • Work the issue, not the person
  • Top 2016 Priorities:

    We believe the following items need attention and plan to engage the community more in the next month to get your feedback to ensure we are headed in the right direction.

    • Improve Communications: We will be holding ourselves to the utmost level of professionalism and will be using our Website, Facebook pages, printed media and electronic survey options to ensure all residents are kept informed of regular events and community concerns.  
    • Revitalize Social Committee:  No dollars were spent in 2015 for social gatherings.  Jessica LeBlanc is revitalizing this committee to facilitate diverse gatherings and events, to help the community feel more inclusive. 
    • Architectural Review Approach: The Design and Maintenance Standards, Modification Process, and Violations Process need careful attention and feedback from all interested homeowners before spring, when the “busy season” for exterior home improvements kicks off.  Chrissie Goodrum is leading this task to ensure changes are made mindfully and inclusively, and with the full understanding and partnership of our property management company (Cardinal Management Company, Inc.) and guidance from our external legal counsel. 
    • VDOT & Traffic Concerns:  Russ Laraway is reviewing VDOT studies facilitated in Raspberry Falls previously, and will be championing participation in any improvements we can find to traffic calming and safety inside of the neighborhood, as well as traffic congestion on Route 15.    
    • Landscaping and Recreational Facilities/Options:  Cindy Klebonis continues as chair of the Landscaping Committee and will be carefully evaluating next steps needed to refresh, revitalize and maintain flower beds and lighting throughout the neighborhood.  She will also follow up on prior year HOA ideas including, but not limited to, bike/walking paths, a community basketball court, tennis court revitalization and other recreational options.   

    Call to Action & Next Steps

    We encourage residents interested in helping us serve the community in 2016 and beyond to contact us directly at, as we realize we are not the “keepers” of all great ideas. We are updating committee charters currently and will be sending out more communications on how you can get involved.  We really need your help to make progress with our goals and we genuinely value your input and welcome your assistance!

    Important Note: The Loudoun Water Board is meeting to take a final vote on whether to adopt a Combined Rate Structure, this Thursday, December 10, at 5 pm.  We support the Board’s proposed plan which will enable all of their customers (including Raspberry Falls residents) to be charged the same rates.  Raspberry Falls residents are currently charged separate rates which are less favorable to the community financially.  We encourage you to attend this meeting, if you are available, at 44865 Loudoun Water Way, Ashburn, VA. If you want to offer comments or express your appreciation to the Board, please sign up with the Board Secretary when you arrive.  If you don’t wish to speak, your presence at the meeting is still very appreciated and helpful.

    We wish you peace and happiness this holiday season!

    Chrissie Goodrum
    Raspberry Falls Home Owners Association, President