Raspberry Falls HOA
Good Evening, Neighbors.
A few announcements from the HOA Board of Directors:
* The Covenants Committee will meet on May 10 at 8pm at 41955 Briarberry Place. Guests are welcome to attend.

* The Board has new email addresses! You may contact all members of the Board of Directors by emailing raspberry.hoa.board@gmail.com. To contact individual officers, please use the addresses listed below:
Chrissie Goodrum, President | raspberry.hoa.president@gmail.com Russ Laraway, Vice President | raspberry.hoa.vicepresident@gmail.com Gina Palmer, Secretary | raspberry.hoa.secretary@gmail.com Eli Jacks, Treasurer | raspberry.hoa.treasurer@gmail.com John Suttle, Director | raspberry.hoa.director@gmail.com
Thank you,
Raspberry Falls Board of Directors