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> _*Please be aware that correspondence sent by or to Loudoun County Board > of Supervisors and staff members is subject to_ > > _Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act *_ > > MESSAGE FROM SUPERVISOR GEARY HIGGINS > > Dear Raspberry Falls Residents, > > I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you given this week’s > tragic accident on Route 15. I have shared this information with some > already so please excuse the duplication. > > Regarding the accident, like many of you, I am extremely saddened about > this tragic loss of life. My office was in touch with the Sheriff’s > office throughout the day and visited the site. As you know by now, at > around 5:50 a.m., the driver of a 2008 Ford F-150 was traveling > southbound when he fell asleep and crossed over the center line of Route > 15 south of Montresor Road. The truck collided with the driver of a > northbound 2013 Subaru Impreza. The driver of the Subaru, Michael A. > Larrick, 28, tragically lost his life at the scene. The driver of the > pick-up truck declined treatment from rescue at the scene. The > circumstances of the crash remain under investigation. I understand that > the accident occurred on a straight part of Route 15 and rumble strips > were in place on the centerline of Route 15. At this point, the accident > appears to be a result of driver error and not a result of road > conditions. I have asked VDOT for the results of their investigation into > this crash. This is the second crash that has occurred recently due to a > driver falling asleep and crossing the centerline. > > These accidents are an all too frequent occurrence. Route 15 is a two > lane road designed to handle approximately 12,000 cars per day. At > approximately 24,000 cars per day on the section of Route 15 from > Leesburg to Lucketts Road and 18,000 cars per day from Lucketts Road to > the Maryland state line, the road is significantly over capacity. The > day-to-day impacts of safety and congestion on residents along Route 15 > is significant and residents need to have peace of mind about safety on > this road. This is why improvements to Route 15 continue to be of the > most important initiatives I am working on. I will fight to solve this > problem the same way I was able to get the water situation resolved for > Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates when residents worried about failing > wells and water supply on a daily basis. My office has been and will > remain involved from project design, funding programming and > implementation. > > In terms of recent progress, I was able to get the project included in > the County’s Capital Improvement Program during this month’s budget > discussions, which is an important milestone for the funding process as > the project is now officially in the budget even though the specifics of > the project are not defined. I was also able to include Route 15 in the > Loudoun’s list of projects to submit to the NVTA (Northern Virginia > Transportation Association) for their long range planning program > Transaction 2040. > > Additionally, we are waiting on the draft report from the consultant, > Kimley-Horn, who is conducting the congestion study on Route 15. I > checked on the progress of this report earlier this week and understand > the consultant and our County Transportation staff is close to finalizing > the report. I anticipate the report will be presented to the Board of > Supervisors at the May 18, 2017 Business Meeting. After this we > anticipate discussing the options with the community for input. > > I look forward to your input and involvement on this important issue. > Please send me an e-mail anytime if you have any questions or concerns. I > also post updates on my Facebook page at Supervisor Geary Higgins

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