Email notice sent May 15, 2009

Good Afternoon Raspberry Residents:

I have just learned from Todd that both total coliform and E. coli were detected in the raw water in Well 1 at Raspberry Falls earlier this week.

No bacteria was detected in the water provided to you. It has been adequately treated and is safe to drink and use as normal.

The E. coli we detected exceeded 4 counts per 100 mLs, which is the threshold that we established with VDH as the level where we would temporarily turn off the well.

Therefore, Well 1 was turned off Wednesday after we re-sampled for bacteria and obtained a sample to be used for the bacteriological source tracking.

The well was then flushed on Thursday and we re-sampled for bacteria.

Today (Friday), we received Wednesday’s and Thursday’s sampling results. The E. coli was below the detection limit, and total coliform was down to low levels.

We have therefore turned Well 1 back on. It was off for two days total.

Next week, we should find out whether the lab was able to characterize the bacteria detected in the well in terms of a source (wildlife, livestock, etc.).

I will let you know what we find out from the lab. VDH has also been notified.

I will send this information in a letter through regular mail on Monday to be sure all residents are aware, and copy your community webmaster for posting at your website.


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