From the Desk of the President:

After a lengthy seven-year battle with Loudoun Water, I am pleased to announce that we achieved a substantive victory in our community’s collective attempts to receive clean and safe drinking water from our public utility, Loudoun Water (formerly LCSA).

The Board of Directors wants to thank Holly Krauss, Laura Maschler and the other volunteers that worked so diligently to directly impact this outcome for our community. There have been tens of thousands of man-hours put toward affecting this positive decision for Raspberry Falls.

Attendees at yesterday’s Loudoun Water meeting were informed that the Loudoun Water Board voted unanimously to fund the replacement water system that will support both Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates into the future. Chairman Rocca and the other Loudoun Water Board members stated “on the record” that the residents are in no way responsible for funding our failing water systems’ Capital Expenditures. We appreciate the Loudoun Water Board hearing our neighborhood’s concerns and funding our new water system.

So what does this mean for Raspberry Falls now, and is our problem completely resolved now that this victory was achieved?

The short answer is NO. We have some work to do relative to the final solution and on accountability that in fact, Loudoun Water does what is says it is going to do. The salient points are:

  1. We need to closely monitor Loudoun Water on what the actual funding sources are for our water treatment solution and ensure that the costs are not simply passed onto our residents through our tiered-rate structure. This has been a process that Loudoun Water has used in the past to burden Raspberry Falls with hidden costs
  2. Raspberry Falls’ Residents need to ensure that the project begins quickly and that the FULL project is funded in a way that ensures that our residents incur ZERO of the expenses along the way. Especially on the deferred costs for future operations, management and maintenance in the event the water system fails again.
  3. Raspberry Falls has hired a water system engineer that will work on behalf of our community to ensure that the new replacement system is designed and implemented properly and will appropriately solve for our water challenges. Ultimately, accountability and oversight for Loudoun Water, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and the Virginia Department of Health in their engineering, design and implementation is critical for Raspberry Falls.
  4. Regardless of the email that was sent out from our Loudoun County Supervisor, Geary Higgins, he and his staff were completely unaware that a decision had been reached or that the issue had been voted on. Geary Higgins was not present for this meeting, and although his staff member was in attendance, we do not feel that Geary’s office is playing a role in driving a favorable outcome for Raspberry Falls and our residents. We will need to pressure our Supervisor to drive this initiative through to completion with Loudoun Water.
  5. We will need the continued support of ALL of our residents to pressure Loudoun Water for an incorporation of Raspberry Falls into the greater Loudoun unified rate structure and that we are released from our current punitive and discriminatory four-tiered rate structure.
  6. The Raspberry Falls HOA and it’s Board will now be undertaking an aggressive campaign to re-brand our beautiful community and restore our image throughout the greater Northern Virginia real-estate community.

I am not at all going to understate this outcome. This is a HUGE win for Raspberry Falls, and as I stated to Chairman Rocca, it shows the power of the democratic machine and that, with hard work and perseverance, our county government and utilities can be bent into compliance with the demands of their residence and customers.

Thank you again for all of the support that was given through this process. This is a significant milestone and something we can all be very proud of.


Dallas Nash
Raspberry Fall’s HOA President