Notice from Loudoun Water, January 26, 2012 (w/attachment):

Dear Community System Customer:

During its January board meeting held Thursday, January 12, 2012, Loudoun Water’s Board of Directors voted 9-0 to change a proposal to put in place a tiered rate structure and a three-year rate increase for developer-initiated water and wastewater systems, also known as Community Systems, to a proposal to put in place a tiered rate structure and only the first year (2012) of the three-year rate increase.

In a 6-2-1 vote, the board then chose to defer a vote on the 2012 rate structure and rate increase to its February meeting to be held February 9, 2012, at 3 p.m. at Loudoun Water’s Administration Building, 44865 Loudoun Water Way, in Ashburn.

Comments and questions received during the public comment period and a public hearing held on January 5, 2012, requested the board reconsider its proposal due to its financial impact and a perceived lack of transparency by Loudoun Water.

While all legal requirements for public notice were met, five workshops were held that were open to the public, and a detailed letter was sent to every Community System customer, the board determined that, as a courtesy to the customers, a summary document detailing the proposal should be made available to the public prior to a vote.

Attached in this email is the summary document detailing the original proposal to Loudoun Water’s Board of Directors and its Community Systems customers for review prior to our February board meeting.  It was written by Municipal & Financial Services Group, the firm which conducted the original rate review.  You may also access the summary document online on our website,  Information about the 2012 portion of the initial proposal is also available on our website.

The summary document was not originally presented in one document but through a series of workshops held by our board.  These workshops were open to the public in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.  Documents detailing the meetings, as well as the presentations that were made, have been and continue to be available.  They can be found under the Board Docs section of our website or by clicking on the links below.

Community Systems Workshop I
June 20, 2011

Community Systems Workshop II
July 28, 2011

Community Systems Workshop III
August 31, 2011

Community Systems Workshop IV
Sept. 29, 2011

Community Systems Workshop V
Nov. 3, 2011

The public comment period on the proposal for 2012 remains open and Loudoun Water will take comments in writing until February 9, 2012.  If you would like to make comments about the review or the linked documents, email me at  These comments will be added to ones we have already received and will be presented to our board for review.

Thank you for your consideration,


Mike McGill
Manager of Community Relations
Loudoun Water


Loudoun Water Community Systems Report v4.pdf (2MB)