All of us should have received the Notice of Public Hearing concerning the Proposed Zoning Changes Affecting Your Property issued on January 23, 2006. As most of us know, Loudoun County is embroiled in bitter disputes over the zoning, packing density in the east while keeping the western part of the county more open.

Raspberry Falls was zoned AR1 before and continues to be zoned AR1 in the proposed amendment. Besides that, the community was planned back in the early 90’s and was theoretically “grandfathered” before being rezoned in 2003-2004 under the last Board of Supervisors. Although, rule changes significantly delayed the building of our community pool.

While these zoning amendments do not directly effect the residents of Raspberry, they will effect most of the undeveloped land along the 15 corridor. The good news is we won’t have high density development adding to the traffic congestion on Route 15.

A copy of the mailing can be downloaded here (pdf file).