The Raspberry Falls HOA Landscape Committee is excited to see the planned landscape bed refurbishments installed by WildWood Landscape.  For Spring, we focused on landscape beds that already had an irrigation infrastructure: Front Entry Beds, Pool/Tennis Court Beds, Hunter/Limestone Beds.  HydroTech Irrigation is our new irrigation contractor and they were fantastic in completing all of the system repairs and adjustments to heads and controllers at Spring turn-on. Going forward, we will be addressing the feasibility of irrigation system upgrades as we move forward with the phase 2 landscape bed refurbishments planned for Fall. In areas where it is cost prohibitive to bring in irrigation infrastructure, we will investigate supplementing with drought tolerant plant selections that can be established in the first season by hand watering via a watering truck service.

Rest assured that we are aware of the various issues with the trees in common area beds.  We have contracted the services of a certified Arborist — Peter Diehl of Arbor Artist — for a community wide assessment and recommendations to proactively preserve and refurbish our tree canopy on a seasonal basis going forward.

You might also notice that turf restoration is also underway in a few problem areas.  Speaking of problems, we had to remove all the Knockout Roses throughout the community common areas because they were diagnosed with “Rosette Disease” which is contagious and has no known remedy. If you have Knockout Roses you should inspect them for this condition and remove them if you see deformed stems, leaves and flowers. Please refer to this publication from Virginia Cooperative Extension for more information.

Thank you for your kind comments and patient support of our efforts to make our community a more aesthetically pleasing place to live, work and play.

RF Landscape Committee:
Cynthia Klebonis, Sheila Lafalce, Kathy Haberman