Raspberry Falls HOA Below is an update from Supervisor Higgins about the Rt. 15 congestion relief as well as an attached document from Susan Glass, Program Manager, Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure, on the status of the improvements and upcoming meetings.
From: Geary Higgins
We are coming up on the one-year anniversary of the first Route 15 stakeholder meeting. Since the initial meeting on August 1, 2017, an enormous amount of work, resources and public input has been brought forth as a result of this project so I thought it would be appropriate to recap the project and provide information outlining how far we have come in just twelve months.
The Route 15 improvement project encompasses the entire corridor of Route 15 from Leesburg north to the Point of Rocks Bridge for the purpose of providing congestion relief and safety improvements to the corridor. The project is divided into two distinct sections. The southern section includes Route 15 from north of Leesburg to north of the White’s Ferry intersection. Traffic analysis, data and concepts for this section are included in the”Congestion Report

[1].” The northern section of the project runs from north of the White’s Ferry intersection up to the Virginia side of the Point of Rocks Bridge. Traffic analysis, data and concepts for this section are included in the “Safety and Operational Study [2].”
A more immediate “Phase 1 Interim Improvement” is also moving forward as the larger phases of the project are considered. This interim improvement is designed to reduce congestion on Route 15 North at King Street through to the Tutt Lane intersection. It would add a northbound auxiliary lane beginning at its current location using existing pavement and continue to the Tutt Lane intersection, where it would transition into a left-turn only lane. Most of the existing infrastructure would be retained with some additional new pavement and pavement marking modifications. By extending the northbound merge lane, the major congestion bottleneck is improved, alleviating some congestion south of the lane drop near Battlefield Parkway. My office and staff have worked with the Little Spring community to make further improvements to the design in order to provide safe access into the Little Spring community. An update on these improvements will be provided at the stakeholder meeting on Monday.
A Stakeholder Committee [3] was formed at the start of the project to serve as an advisory group to professional project staff and partner agencies.
The group and meetings operate as a clearing house for information, feedback and resources related to the project. A number of important topics and information have been discussed and shared at these meetings including, traffic analysis, right-of-way (ROW) maps for the corridor, resource maps indicating locations with access, congestion, safety, preservation, beautification and bike and pedestrian issues, Route 15 historic resource presentation, Maryland State Highway and Frederick County information meeting, Partner Agency (10 Agencies) meeting notes, public input summaries and more.
The Committee includes 12 representatives from homeowner associations located along the Route 15 corridor, and 8 representatives from local business, community and preservation organizations. The Stakeholders are charged with providing recommendations on Route 15 improvements based on technical analysis, to seek feedback from the organization they are representing and to advocate for project success. The views of individuals not living within an HOA and business entities have also been included in the process either through direct meetings with my office and DTCI staff and the consultants or through the five public input sessions and online surveys.
My office also sent 950 individual letters to each resident living along the corridor not included in an HOA informing them of the project, upcoming open houses and providing contact information and a link to the website. Approximately 843 of these letters were mailed to residents in the Lucketts community.
I am pleased to report that our sixth Stakeholder meeting will be held next week. Stay tuned because a third round of public input meetings, the seventh Stakeholder meeting, and the Board Meeting on the Congestion Report and Safety and Operations Study will occur this fall.
Our next Stakeholder Group meeting is scheduled for this Monday, July 16th at 6:30 at the Government Center in the Dulles Room. The following topics will be reviewed:
* VDOT Update – Phase 1 Interim Improvements (NB auxiliary lane) * Funding Update * Board Process for Congestion Report * Leesburg North Landing Update * Envision Loudoun – Proposed CTP Revisions * Safety and Operations Study – Summary of Stakeholder feedback
* Review Concepts
* No Build * Concept A * Concept B
* Operations Analysis
* Traffic forecasting * Results
* Historic and Environmental Inventory
Although this is a working stakeholder meeting and not a public input session, the public is invited to attend to receive the presented information and observe the proceedings. Please know that I will provide meeting notes from this meeting in my next update.
As I reported last month, I was extremely pleased that we were successful in receiving full-funding ($54 million) from NVTA for the Route 15 Bypass Widening: Battlefield Parkway to Montresor Road project in the span of a six month period. The Route 15 project ranked extremely high and was 7th of all 60 projects considered for funding. These funds will provide the majority of revenue for improvements through the southern section of the Route 15 corridor including the White’s Ferry intersection.
The Route 15 project is located in Loudoun County’s adopted Capital Improvement Program for FY2019 found in the link below. Design and construction funding was accelerated in this year’s budget (Accelerated Requests, p. 7-15) Design funding was accelerated from FY2023 to FY2019 and construction accelerated from FY2027 to FY2023. I would like to thank my colleagues for their support in moving the project up in the CIP. Loudoun County FY2019 Adopted Budget Capital Improvement Program (CIP) [4] RESOURCES
Please check the following websites for information and resources relating to the Route 15 Project. I encourage you to take a few minutes to browse the Route 15 North of Leesburg website to take a look at the vast resources that have been pulled together for the project including maps, presentations, data and information.
Route 15 North of Leesburg [5] Catoctin District Website [6] Links: —— [1] www.raspberryfalls.org/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=375&qid=29411 [2] www.raspberryfalls.org/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=376&qid=29411 [3] www.raspberryfalls.org/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=377&qid=29411 [4] www.raspberryfalls.org/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=378&qid=29411 [5] www.raspberryfalls.org/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=379&qid=29411 [6] www.raspberryfalls.org/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=380&qid=29411