Raspberry Falls HOA

Dear Homeowners and Residents,

  1. IMPORTANT! YOUR FEEDBACK IS REQUESTED! The Raspberry Golf Club has asked permission to use the swimming pool for their Golf Campers for six weeks during the summer during the midday. The HOA Board would like the community to provide input before granting this approval. Please click here and take the 2 question survey that asks whether you support this proposal and if you have any additional concerns or comments about this matter that you would like the Board to consider. Please complete the survey no later than Wednesday, March 27th.
  2. 2019 DISCOUNTS OFFERED TO HOA COMMUNITY FOR RASPBERRY FALLS GOLF AND HUNT CLUB. Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club is offering discounts to our homeowners and residents to play at the golf course. Attached is a list of 2019 golf rates for community members. Also note – the Golf Camps through Raspberry Golf Academy are all offered to Raspberry Falls kids at a 15% discount.
  3. INVITATION TO ATTEND SOCIAL COMMITTEE MEETING FOR RASPBERRY FALLS HOA EVENTS. Chrissie Goodrum is hosting this year’s first social committee meeting for the HOA at the Golf Course Clubhouse on Sunday, March 31, from 4:30-5:30 pm. Community members interested in serving on this committee or volunteering for fun events should attend! Please send Chrissie an RSVP/email at raspberry.hoa.vp@gmail.com!! [In year’s past, the HOA social committee has organized pool parties, garage sales, holiday parties, neighbor welcome packages, Santa at the Golf Course Clubhouse & other fun events]. We would like to engage the community to make 2019 fun and welcoming for all neighbors of all ages!
  4. UPDATE ON LANDSCAPING FOR NEIGHBORHOOD. The neighborhood’s landscaping vendor, Advantage, will be in the neighborhood this week arranging mulch throughout the community & working on flower beds. Last week, Advantage applied turf preemergent to the grass and will return to apply a second application in mid-to-late April, to make our common areas look great. An arborist will also visit the community to look at the trees and make recommendations for treatment. Please be mindful of landscaping vendors/trucks that may be parked along the road over the next few weeks as personnel work to make our community look beautiful!
  5. ANNUAL COMMUNITY PROPERTY INSPECTIONS. Representatives from the neighborhood’s property management company, Cardinal Management, will be conducting individual maintenance property inspections during the week of April 22, 2019 (pending no weather delays). Those homeowners found to be in violation of the neighborhood’s maintenance/architectural guidelines (available on the community’s website) will receive a letter following the inspections, citing specific violations. A second round of inspections will occur later in June/July, to ensure any matters needing attention are addressed. Questions regarding this matter should be directed to Brian Cramp at 703.565.5304, or via email at b.cramp@cardinalmanagementgroup.com
  6. JANUARY 2019 HOA BOD MEETING MINUTES. The minutes are now available on the HOA’s website.
  7. ARCHITECTURAL MODIFICATION UPDATE. Homeowners who wish to embark upon outdoor improvements this year should review the neighborhood’s current architectural standards, available on the HOA’s website before submitting a modification application & starting any project. If you aren’t sure if your project merits an application, please contact Kathi Sherman, 703.565.5308, or at k.sherman@cardinalmanagementgroup.com. Note that the neighborhood has an Architectural Covenants Committee comprised of 5 volunteers who review applications before rendering a decision regarding whether the application is approved. If an application is not approved, the applicant may APPEAL the decision to the Board of Directors.
  8. ARE YOU SELLING A PROPERTY IN 2019? Don’t forget to make sure your realtor orders a resale package through our property manager! Please direct questions to Kathi Sherman or Brian Cramp!