Dear Homeowners and Residents,

On the last update from the HOA, in the “HOA Board Meeting Q&A”, the communication described the owner of the land on which the entrance features exist as being owned by the golf course.  This is not correct.  
The land on the south side of Raspberry Drive and Route 15 is owned by Antonio Cecchi.  During development the builder provided “assets” for the use and benefit of the Raspberry Falls Community.  The assets include the entrance feature, signage, lighting, irrigation, stone walls, fencing, mature trees, plantings, flowers and landscape. The builder and Mr. Cecchi provided the HOA an easement to access and maintain/repair/replace, as needed, all of these assets.  The land on the north side of Raspberry Drive and Route 15 is owned by Raspberry Golf Investors, LLC.  These assets closely mirror the assets on the south side and were also provided during development by the builder for the benefit of residents of Raspberry Falls and are maintained by the HOA.

It is important to understand that the HOA’s easements to maintain (i.e., requirement to maintain) these assets – and the fact that these assets were provided for the use and benefit of our community –  may have a significant bearing on our rights as it pertains to future legal decisions concerning Route 15 widening.

Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors