Raspberry Falls HOA

Message from the President – 2016 HOA Election Results

Homeowners and Residents,

I am pleased to announce the Raspberry Falls Homeowners Association successfully held its 2016 annual meeting last night. Approximately 80 proxies were submitted, which represents 40% of the neighborhood (as a reminder, our governing documents provide 40 proxies are needed for quorum). The following people were elected to the board for 2017:

* Eli Jacks (Hunter Place) – 3-year term
* John Suttle (Hunter Place) – 3-year term
* Gina Palmer (Hunter Place) – 1-year term

Both Russ Laraway (Raspberry Drive) and I (Levade Drive) will continue to participate on the Raspberry Falls HOA Board and look forward to serving two more years in our terms as directors.
Following the general meeting, the new directors agreed on the following officer roles for 2017:

* President – Chrissie Goodrum
* Vice President – Russ Laraway
* Treasurer – Eli Jacks
* Secretary – Gina Palmer
* Director – John Suttle

We appreciate all candidates who ran for the HOA board, including Ivana Gargiulo (Gooseberry Lane), Meg McKenna (Levade Drive), Caroline Martin (Levade Drive and 2016 Secretary & Communications Committee Liaison), and Bill Farawell (Briarberry Place and 2016 Director). We also want to recognize Cynthia Klebonis (Hunter Place) for her three years of outstanding volunteer service to the community as an HOA Director.

If you would like to serve in a volunteer capacity in 2017 for any HOA function or committees, please send an email to raspberry.hoa.board@raspberryfalls.org to let us know how you would like to help. We specifically rely on volunteers for the Covenants Committee, Landscaping Committee, Communications Committee and Social Committee.

Additionally, if you would like to send an email with ideas on how the HOA may provide excellent service to the neighborhood in 2017, please let us know! The first official meeting of the HOA Board will be conducted on Tuesday, January 10, 2017.

Thank you and have a great day!

Christine C. Goodrum
Raspberry Falls HOA President & Covenants Committee Board Liaison
Mobile: 571.275.5556
Email: raspberry.hoa.president@raspberryfalls.org