Raspberry Falls HOA Dear Residents,
After considering comments from homeowners, survey data and opinions of board members, the board has voted via email on the question of whether to allow the golf course to use our pool as part of their summer camp offering this year. The motion did not pass and the golf course will be informed of the board’s decision. Please see the attached raw data that the board used in formulating its decision.
The board thanks everyone who took the time to provide input on this important issue. While there was support for allowing the golf course to use the pool, there was significant opposition to it and many residents expressed concerns about potential negative consequences. There was also concern expressed about maintenance of the pool being paid for by the residents of our community and that the pool is intended for residents and their guests use only.
The motion to approve the use of the pool was brought by Chrissie Goodrum, Vice President. To enable the question to be brought to the full board for a vote, John Suttle, President seconded the motion. The results of the vote that occurred March 28-29 are as follows:
John Suttle, President: No
Chrissie Goodrum, Vice President: Yes
Eli Jacks, Treasurer: No
Elaine Borokove, Secretary: No
Michelle Lamberton, Director: No
Again, thank you for providing valuable input on this community issue.
John Suttle, Raspberry Falls HOA President