Raspberry Falls HOA More help is needed on Route 15! Are you interested in getting funding to have continued improvements and widening and possible Lucketts bypass on Route 15 past Montressor? Please go to this website, VA Commonwealth Planning Board Page for Comments and send in a positive comment showing support for this project. Geary Higgins has submitted a proposal requesting $110M of additional SmartScale funding to make it happen. You have til Dec 13th to submit, but don’t procrastinate! Do it now! There was already a meeting on Nov 28th, and folks who are against any improvements showed up to protest this and told the board that they don’t need the money and that nobody wants any further widening. Unfortunately, we did not go to the meeting to be advocates. Therefore, it is even more critical that comments in support of more improvements be sent in. So, if you haven’t done so, please do it now! Just a simple comment saying you support the Smartscale application for continued improvements on Route 15 north of White’s Ferry Rd. That’s all it takes. If you want to embellish further, that’s great, but at least a minimal show of support is required from everybody who is in support.