Update: The motion passed unanimously!
Thank you David, for your excellent testimony in-person.
Updated Feb.4
Dear Homeowners and Residents,

On Tuesday, February 2nd, the Loudoun Board of Supervisors will be conducting a meeting to seek endorsements for the Route 15 – Battlefield Parkway to Montresor Road widening project locations and major design elements.

For you information,  the following is a communication from David Goodrum and Elaine Borakove, our Route 15 community project liaisons regarding this event.

Attached is a pdf of the Action Item on which the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will vote.

From David Goodrum and Elaine Borakove:

Raspberry Falls Residents, as you may be aware, there is a current plan to widen Route 15 to four lanes.  This project has been many years in the making.  The 30% design will go before the Loudoun Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, week for approval to move forward.

  • It has taken over a year to get this design to the 30% completion point.  If the Board of Supervisors DOES NOT approve this design AS IT IS, county staff will have to go back to the drawing board, which will cause even more delays in completing this project.
    • AS IT IS  means no MAJOR changes to the plan.
    • There may still be design changes as the design is completed to 100%, but things like, where the road is routed, intersections, bike path locations, etcetera…  will be FIRM barring something unforeseen (such as a massive sinkhole in the location the plan to reroute Limestone Kiln Road as an example).
  • There is STRONG OPPOSITION to the ENTIRE road improvement project, and opponents have been very vocal in the past at Board of Supervisor meetings. We expect this “no-improvements to Route 15” constituency to have speakers lined up to speak on February 2, to voice their concerns.  They will likely advocate for MORE traffic studies and MORE analysis of road and intersection options, to delay this plan’s implementation.

Over the past few years, the Raspberry Falls HOA conducted community surveys of Raspberry Falls neighbors & the results reflected THERE IS 97% APPROVAL BY THE RASPBERRY FALLS COMMUNITY for the Route 15 widening project.

We are seeking your help:  If you want NO MORE DELAYS to this road project, we encourage you to take a few minutes to send an email to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors advocating that they approve the 30% design in full.   Your email doesn’t have to be lengthy; short and simple is often better.  The general theme being:  Please, No more delays… No more debate… No more studies… Approve the project now.   Every day this project is delayed is another potential fatality on this road.

If you would like to prepare some remarks expressing your advocacy,  you can sign up to speak by calling (703) 777-0200 and asking to speak during the board meeting.  Public Input is scheduled to start at 6pm, but often is delayed until later in the session. The meeting time, place, and agenda are at loudoun.gov/meetings.

You will be able to watch the vote next Tuesday  at the following electronically:
Comcast Government Channel 23
Open Band Channel 40
Verizon FiOS Channel 40
Livestreamed at loudoun.gov/meetings.

Here is a link for all documentation on Route 15 on Loudoun.gov:


The 30% design has been split into two documents on that page:

Phase 1 (to White’s Ferry Rd)

Phase 2 (To Montressor Rd)

Thank you very much!
David Goodrum and Elaine Borakove

Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors