Raspberry Falls HOA
Hello Raspberry Falls Neighbors,
On behalf of my other colleagues on the Board, I want to make you aware of the results of the strategic planning session we held on January 31. The Board and community members in attendance provided feedback on what they believed were the overarching needs and aspirations for our community. These ideas were then organized into a number of high level categories. You may read more about the results of this session in the meeting notes.
One of the key agreed-upon outputs from the session was that, as a community, we need to create a long-term strategic plan for our community. As part of this process, the Board agreed we need to perform the following: An end-to-end review of our finances, an analysis of our budgeting process, a review of existing contracts and an assessment of current assumptions regarding the amount of reserve we need to hold. The last item is especially timely, given our intention to contract for a Reserve Replacement study this year, in line with the customary 5-year cycle.
In view of the variety of needs cited above, the Board agreed to establish a new “Finance Committee”. As your Treasurer, I will serve as liaison to this Committee and am hoping to enlist some enthusiastic volunteers to serve as members. This is a great opportunity to support development of our long-term vision and ensure the stability of our community for years to come. A charter for this new Committee is attached. A key goal this year will be to have our new strategic plan, featuring a five-year time horizon, in place no later than Jan. 1, 2018.
If you are interested in serving on the new Finance Committee, please notify both Brian Cramp of Cardinal Management at b.cramp@cardinalmanagementgroup.com

[1] and me at raspberry.hoa.treasurer@raspberryfalls.org [2]. I’d like to hold our first committee meeting prior to the new Board meeting on Tuesday, March 14, if possible.
Thanks very much for your consideration!
Best, Eli Jacks, HOA Treasurer

doc icon RF_Finance_Committee_Charter.docx