Here is a recent communication from Loudoun Water to the HOA that included the following attachment:

Raspberry Well Extra Testing 2008
From: Danielson, Todd
To: Raspberry Distribution List
Sent: Thu Oct 09 13:00:09 2008
Subject: Water Supply Update #13

Good Day Raspberry Residents,

Hope this finds you well. Here is your biweekly Water System Update.

We are planning a community meeting from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM on October 28 at the Lucketts Community Center, to share with you some details and idea of cost of the options we’ve investigated thus far.  Do not hesitate to contact me at any time with comments or questions.

As reported to you two weeks ago, weekly bacti sampling of Well 1 (raw water – prior to treatment) gave a reading for total coliform that prompted us,  as per our agreed upon protocol with VDH, to shut Well 1 off. It is more critical now that you are on only one well, to cease lawn watering. The water being supplied to you through Well 2 continues to be safe for consumption.

We have begun to receive results from the 7 samples collected for MPA analysis following Tropical Storm Hanna.   The samples collected from Wells 1 and 2 two days after TS Hanna had MPA risk factors of “0.” Results indicated that these samples were collected before the bacteria concentrations rose in the wells. Follow-up MPA samples were collected near the time when the bacteria concentrations peaked, and those results should be received next week. We also collected groundwater samples from Selma wells and one of the Raspberry Falls Golf Course irrigation wells to see how widespread the issue may be. One of the Selma wells’ result has been received. It also was “0.” Additionally, we have identified a lab that can assist with “bacteriological source tracking.” Once we have detected E. coli in the source water (after a major rain event), we can send them a sample; and they will tell us the percentage of E. coli from humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife. We are cautious about the ability of the results to provide definitive answers because the levels of E. coli after rain events is usually so low that it will be difficult to provide accurate and representative results.

We are not currently considering this option.

We have no new information.

We are awaiting comments from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) regarding the Concept of Design Technical Memorandum for a Packaged Membrane Treatment System, and our consultant is preparing the next level of engineering design while we wait for their comments. We are also preparing to collect water samples to provide to a membrane manufacturer to confirm the design assumptions.

We have met with the state and local health departments regarding siting exploratory wells in the vicinity of golf course holes 1, 2, and 18, which is a different geologic formation than the current wells. We are seeking approval for five potential locations to drill. Exploratory drilling should take one to two days per hole. Should sufficient water be found, exploratory wells could be converted into production wells and serve as a new source of water for the community. Our consultant is preparing cost estimates for wells now that potential well locations are known so that this may be better compared with the membrane treatment option.

The Committee, comprised of residents, golf course staff, Van Metre, and Loudoun Water,  met on October 6 and will initially be focussing on the current water supply and quality issues. The committee will visit potential well locations during the week of October 13. Once immediate needs are addressed, the committee will be broadened to a comprehensive community systems sourcewater protection committee.

Your collective demand has come back down since my previous email. Thank you.

Van Metre is serving on the Source Water Committee and will be at the Community Meeting we’re planning for October 28.  We continue to meet regularly with Van Metre regarding potential options, and they are currently working to properly abandon unused wells that have been identified across the subdivision and serve as potential contaminant sources.

Until next time,

Todd Danielson for
Samantha Villegas, APR
Manager of Communications
Loudoun Water
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