We need your Support! The funding/financing decisions will be made soon regarding the long-term water solution for Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates water treatment system. Loudoun Water is moving forward to implement a long-term solution.

  • As it stands the Loudoun Water Board feels the residents of Raspberry Falls and Selma should be financially responsible for funding the entire cost of the solution.
  • The only other option Loudoun Water has currently up for consideration at this time is of sharing the cost with the few other community system customers (in total less then 800 customers).
  • We strongly disagree with both options!

The HOA, Raspberry Falls Residents and Selma Residents have advocated for Loudoun Water to treat ALL of their customers the same. In such, we request all community systems should be rolled into the large Loudoun Water base which would provide; economies of scale, technical/ financial and managerial resources that is currently provided to Loudoun Water’s 70k customers.

Raspberry Falls and Selma’s water systems are owned and operated by Loudoun Water. They are relatively new and Loudoun Water should have ensured the residents were provided a water system capable of treating the water for the long term from its inception.

After7 years:

  • One well has been shut down,
  • Multiple wells drilled; only one viable well brought on-line.
  • Considerable amounts of GUDI studies have been conducted on our remaining wells.
  • Numerous studies have been completed.
  • Millions of dollars have been spent with no outcome.

We have been in close contact with Geary Higgins; our representative on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, other Loudoun County Supervisors, and the Loudoun Water Board.

At the Jan 21 Loudoun Board of Supervisors Meeting, per Geary Higgins request, county staff will clarify the comprehensive plan referencing: “Community systems must be financially self sustaining”, and whether the county has the ability/inability to stop issuing building permits.

We need Residents at this meeting to stand together. We are for a unified rate, which should spread the cost of the solution across the entire central base. This unified rate structure idea replicates several counties neighboring Loudoun, i.e. Fairfax and Prince William.

Remember this is NOT a failing water system, it is working exactly as designed. It was designed improperly. The system was not designed for the size of the houses in Raspberry Falls; and not properly designed for the geology. We should not be paying for the numerous poor decisions that were made before we moved in.

Please attend if you are able.

Jan 21, 2015
BOS meets @ 4:00
Public input @ 6:00
1st Floor Government Center
1 Harrison Street SE
Leesburg, VA 20175

If you have any questions or comments please E-mail: