We have come a long way…………thank you for your involvement!

Last weeks Board of Supervisors meeting was a huge success; over 50 homeowners were in attendance.  Despite the tough weather conditions the Supervisors were pleased to see such a large turnout from our community.  The Board of Supervisors seemed particularly surprised to hear that Loudoun Water has more than a 300 million dollar surplus.

The Loudoun Water Board held a Loudoun water Board workshop last Friday Jan 30th, 2015 to discuss the Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates community water system options presented by Hazen Sawyer.  The Boards primary focus was to discuss the technical and financial options analyzed by Hazen and Sawyer for Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates. The Board:

  • Identified Raspberry Falls Water System as a “catastrophic”, “premature failure”.
  • Is leaning toward option 2 which would provide 900 gallons per day per home.   The Loudoun Water Board members feel this option is the most cost efficient long and short term option, as well will provide a better quality of life for the residence of Raspberry Falls.
  • The Loudoun Water Board agreed unanimously that the homeowners should not pay the capitol cost of the water system. However they have NOT removed resident funding as an option.
  •  Even with the discussions and unanimous feeling of the Loudoun Board members, the Loudoun Water Board Chairman directed staff to look at the funding options including residents paying.

What Is Next?

For the first time, the residents of Raspberry Falls have a good chance of NOT paying the 6.5-8+ million dollars expense of the capitol costs. However we need to continue to have resident involvement and keep the pressure on.

What can homeowners do to ensure we do not get stuck with the bill?

A large turnout at the next Loudoun Water Board Meeting

February 12 @3:00 p.m.
Loudoun Water
44865 Loudoun Water Way
Ashburn VA 

We are already coordinating speakers to, line up our message and tell our story within our allowed speaking time.  Please reach out to your neighbors and help get the word out.  Selma has had amazing turnouts and they are counting on our community to help ensure we have the largest Loudoun Water Board meeting turn out; we need to pack the house.  If you are interested in speaking or plan on attending please contact Holly Krauss at RFHOAHollyKrauss@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Communication Moving Forward:

If you have not received E-mail notifications in the last month from the HOA please be sure to check your spam mailbox.  If you are not on our E-mail list or have updated your E-mail address please provide your information to the HOA at site.admin@raspberryfalls.org.  Don’t forget to join our Facebook Page!

Thank you for your continued support,

Holly Krauss
Raspberry Falls HOA