Residents of Raspberry Falls:

As you are all hopefully aware, Raspberry Falls has been undergoing a dramatic esthetic transformation throughout our beautiful community to restore Raspberry Falls to its original condition when we first opened our doors as a new residential community.

The following projects have all been started or completed in the past few months:

  • All community fences have been transformed to black to meet the architectural standard of Loudoun County
  • The steel entry guardrail has also been painted black as well to tie together the entire community
  • The new, black Community signs have been (or will be shortly) incorporated into a new/or adjacent landscape bed for a more seamless look
  • We will be removing the Community signage’s broken and non-functioning solar lighting
  • The new black street sign project is now well under way with a new company, the process is being moved through the county by our legal representation and this MAJOR project should be started very soon once we receive final approval from the County
  • The burned-down house plaguing our neighborhood for years has been removed and over-seeded with new grass – if you have not seen it, it looks wonderful
  • We are adding additional gazebo(s) to the new areas within Raspberry Falls, and the legacy gazebos have been updated and repaired after a lot of damage incurred due to vandals in our area
  • And many neighbors have now been painting their own residential fences in anticipation of the new ARC standards within Raspberry Falls

Due to the obvious deterioration of almost every residential fence in our community, the HOA Board would appreciate if everyone else begin painting their own fences in anticipation of the new ARC standards in the upcoming months. If you have any questions or want the name of a qualified contractor to conduct the work on your behalf, do not hesitate to contact the HOA Board. This black fence guideline is the new required standard, and the HOA ‘approved’ BLACK paint is available at local retailers for a reasonable price:

Lexington Paint Company Fence Pro Black 100% Acrylic Latex Paint.
Available at the Tractor Supply Co. Store on Edwards Ferry Road.
It is the latex paint (plastic 5 gallon bucket) not the Lacquer paint (metal 5 gallon bucket).

Tractor Supply Company

Lexington Paint

Thank you,

The Raspberry Falls Board of Directors