Raspberry Falls HOA,

After years of study and debate, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has approved the improvements for Route 15 from Leesburg to Montresor Road. Please see the announcement from Supervisor Higgins below.

FROM: Supervisor Geary Higgins

DATE: September 25, 2018 at 9:52:05 PM EDT

TO: raspberry.hoa.president@raspberryfalls.org


REPLY-TO: geary.higgins@loudoun.gov   September 25, 2018



Dear Residents,

After many years of work, I am pleased to inform you that improvements
are finally coming to Route 15.

In an unanimous vote by the Board of Supervisors, I was able to get
long overdue improvements on the section of the corridor between
Leesburg and Montresor Road. I would like to thank my colleagues on the
Board for their support.

This effort has always been about the balance of preserving the rural
historic beauty of Route 15 while giving residents living on the
corridor a quality of life not wasted in endless hours of traffic
trying to get to work, take kids to school, or attend sporting events.
These are not mutually exclusive outcomes. On any given day, Route 15
is full of traffic, shut downs and accidents.

Route 15 is a unique and special road. It is a National Scenic Byway,
and part of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage area
and full of residences, farmer markets, farms, historic homes,
wineries, breweries, parks, and a school.

Daily life and commuter traffic coexist on this corridor. It’s our
responsibility to find the balance that allows people to live their
daily lives on a safer, less congested beautiful rural road. I have
always believed it is possible to achieve this balance and the
improvements adopted last week will allow us to achieve that goal.

The improvements will include widening Route 15 to a four-lane median
divided roadway between Battlefield Parkway NE and Montresor Road,
realignment of the Route 15/North King Street intersection to become a
continuous green T-intersection controlled by a traffic signal,
replacement of the existing traffic signal with a new signal at
Route15/Whites Ferry Road/Raspberry Drive to accommodate four lanes of
through traffic plus turn lanes, realignment of Limestone School Road
across from Montresor Road and to design and construct a hybrid
two-lane roundabout at the intersection.

In an effort to determine the necessary point of widening on Route 15
for this phase of the corridor, I requested analysis to determine the
impacts of widening Route 15 to a point 2000 feet beyond White’s Ferry.
The analysis (Congestion Report p. 53-56) found that if widening
occurred to 2000 feet beyond White’s Ferry there would be no problem
with queuing into the White’s Ferry intersection only until 2020.
However, the analysis also showed that the widening to Montresor Road
will handle traffic demand through 2030. Unfortunately, widening only
2000 feet beyond White’s Ferry would put the corridor in a failing
status before completion of the project and therefore was not viable.

Our next step will be to enter into the design phase of the project,
which will incorporate context sensitive design methodology and
incorporation of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground’s design
guidelines where feasible. This phase will also include analysis for
all the environmental obligations required for the project including
archaeological, steep slope, storm water management, floodplain, and
limestone geology review.

By way of background, please note that the project is divided into two
distinct sections. The southern section includes Route 15 from north of
Leesburg to north of the White’s Ferry intersection. Traffic analysis,
data and concepts for this section are included in the ” Congestion
Report.” The improvements adopted last week impact this section of the

The northern section of the project runs from north of the White’s
Ferry intersection up to the Virginia side of the Point of Rocks
Bridge. Traffic analysis, data and concepts for this section are
included in the ” Safety and Operational Study.” The Open House
tomorrow evening at the Lucketts Community Center focuses on this
section of the corridor. Please see the next section below for details.




Following on our notice last week, if you live along the Route 15
corridor please plan to attend an open house about the Route 15 Safety
and Operational Study is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26, 2018,
from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Lucketts Community Center, 42361
Lucketts Road.

Members of the public are invited to view material and maps associated
with the study and provide comments on the concepts that have been
prepared for the Route 15 corridor between Whites Ferry Road and the
Maryland State line.

Your input is important! Please plan to stop by tomorrow evening!

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