The purpose of this page is to help you determine if you need to submit a form to the HOA for a landscaping or architectural change you are thinking about and how to do that.

Download and print the application (PDF)
Architectural Modification Application

Check the Guidelines for Exterior Property Modifications
Current Architectural and Design Guidelines:  Raspberry Falls  ARC Guidelines as of 06-11-2018
Most exterior changes and major interior renovation to property requires building permits and inspections by Loudoun County. County resources can be found at Loudoun County Building Permits

Send your completed application and supporting documents to Cardinal Management.

Postal Mail: 
Raspberry Falls HOA  Architectural Covenants Committee
C/O Cardinal Management Group
3704 Golf Trail Lane
Fairfax, Virginia 22033
Fax:  703-591-4476

Send to Kathi Sherman, Kathi is our Property Manager’s administrative assistant.  She reviews the applications for completeness and sends them on to the Architectural Covenants Committee for their review.  She is available to help homeowners with their applications. Contact her at 703-565-5308 or email her.