Raspberry Falls HOA As a result of the ongoing rain, the schedule for crack sealing in Raspberry Falls has been adjusted again. The VDOT contractor provided the following updated schedule this morning:
* Friday, June 8th: Levade Drive, Briarberry Place, Elk Run Court/Ferriers Court, Swiftwater Drive/Putters Green * Sunday, June 10, 2018: Anything that didn’t get done from Friday, Limestone Court, Hunter Place, and one lane on Raspberry Drive * Monday, June 11, 2018: Anything that didn’t get done on Sunday, the remaining lane on Raspberry Drive * For Raspberry Drive, the area to be paved is the area north of Hunter (a link to the VDOT paving map is provided below)
Please do not park on the gravel shoulders of the streets being paved. On the day the work is going to be performed, it may start as early as 7AM. Orange cones will be placed on the road the evening before or the morning of to indicate that the work will be occurring. Since the work will impact access to driveways, homeowners and residents may wish to park your car on Raspberry Drive ahead of time. The video link shows what to expect, but in general, access to driveways should be limited to the period in which the slurry work is occurring and for a couple of hours following the work to allow for drying. Only one lane should be impacted at a time.
We recognize that Monday is a trash day, and the contractor has advised us that trash collection should not be impacted. Homeowners with any concerns about the project, driveway/roadway access, or who need assistance during the process can contact Jeff Dilly at 804-393-6831.
There is more rain the forecast for this weekend, so there is a possibiity that the schedule will shift again, and we will continue to provide updates as we have them.
What to Expect Video