The following document dated November 4, 2005 was mailed to Raspberry Falls homeowners by the association manager, Darrin Cassidy, on behalf of the HOA Board of Directors (Van Metre) per the bylaws requirement of a 60 day notice of the following year budget and homeowner assessments:

Annual Budget Notice (PDF) dated November 4, 2005. This document contains the notice, budget discussion, budget line item narrative, and a budget financial statement.

The following documents are correspondence documenting suggestions and seeking clarifications as requested by Van Metre.

Dr. Ed Slack’s Letter to Van Metre (PDF) dated November 1, 2005 via the association manager commenting on the draft notice, requesting clarifications and answers to pertinent questions.

Scott Lutz (Marquis Director of Finance) Letter (PDF) in response to Ed Slack’s request.

The following was prepared by the Advisory Committee augmenting Van Metre’s financial statement.
2006 Budget Spread Sheet (PDF) categorizing expenses in a logical manner along with the 2005 Budget and the 2005 Forecast.

Thanks to the advisory committee for the the time and effort in their due diligence through this process. Our input was heard and Van Metre responded. Not the result we wanted, but reasonable.