The Loudoun Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to approve the widening of Route 15 and other roadway improvements to address congestion! This will include widening and dividing to two lanes in each direction from Battlefield Blvd. to Montressor Road along with a shared multi-use path on the West side of Route 15 for cyclists, joggers, and walkers. Other improvements include a continuous green T-intersection at King Street and Route 15 to address congestion at the merge, a new traffic light at White’s Ferry to the increased capacity of four lanes, and realignment of Limestone School Road to intersect with Montressor with a hybrid 4- to 2-lane roundabout. The best news is that the project has been 100% funded at this point.

New Water Treatment System Nearly Completed
The Loudoun Water project to expand and improve the water treatment plan in Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates is nearing substantial completion. The systems for both Raspberry Falls and Selma have been joined into a single combined water system, creating a sustainable water supply for both communities.