Raspberry Falls HOA Congratulations to Susan Jacks and Sherif Yacoub, who were elected to serve on the 2020 Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors at the annual HOA meeting held on November 12.
Many thanks to Eli Jacks, the board’s outgoing Treasurer, for his service on the HOA Board from 2017-2019. We also pay tribute to our late Board President, John Suttle, who tragically passed away suddenly on October 7. John served as a Director in 2017 and 2018, and as the HOA Board President in 2019.
Thank you to Elaine Borakove, Chrissie Goodrum & Michelle Lamberton, who are returning to serve on the HOA Board as officers in 2020.
We appreciate each of the homeowners who attended last week’s meeting, as well as those who submitted proxies in lieu of attending. We also thank Jack Tirella and Manpreet Grewal, who submitted nominating petitions to serve on the 2020 board.
The 2020 Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors are:
Michelle Lamberton, President
Elaine Borakove, Vice President
Susan Jacks, Secretary
Chrissie Goodrum, Treasurer
Sherif Yacoub, Director
The HOA consists of volunteers to help accomplish objectives and address issues as they arise for our neighborhood. Below, please find a list of the active committees of the HOA, with a brief description of what each committee does.
* Covenants Committee – Members review and approve architecture design modification applications submitted throughout the year and make suggestions to homeowners about applications that need to be revised to conform to the Architecture Design Guidelines and Maintenance Standards of Raspberry Falls. [Note: this is the only HOA committee required by our governing documents]. * Landscaping Committee – Members suggest landscaping ideas for the board/management company to consider/implement throughout the year to help keep our neighborhood beautiful. * Communications Committee – Members help with the communication media of the HOA to keep homeowners and residents informed of various events and HOA matters, in a variety of formats, throughout the year. * Social Committee – Members plan and implement social functions and hospitality gestures to help foster a greater sense of community among Raspberry Falls neighbors. * Finance Committee – Members recommend short and long-term goals for the board to consider for budgetary purposes.
*If you would like to participate in one of these committees in 2020, please send an email to either Michelle, at raspberry.hoa.president@gmail.com, or to our HOA Property Manager at Cardinal Management Group, Byron McCauley at b.mccauley@cardinalmanagementgroup.com.
The HOA Board will meet again on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at 7 pm, at the Homewood Suites located on Fort Evans Road in downtown Leesburg. Subsequent meetings will likely be held on the second Tuesdays of March, May, July and September. A more definitive meeting schedule will be finalized during January.